Yeng Constantino’s Newest Album LAPIT Released in Digital Format

Star Records just released Yeng Constantino’s latest album “Lapit” in digital format. This is great news to all her fans craving for her next pop rock hit!

The album’s track listing comes with ten (10) songs: Lapit, Jeepney Love Story, Wag Kang Magtatanong, Akin Ka Na, Pag Ayaw Mo Na, Takas, Ligaw, Siguro, Maghihintay and Wag Na.

You can avail these songs at

Watch Yeng Constantino’s LAPIT Music Video (HQ) from Star Records. Enjoy!

Yeng Constantino And Bugoy Drilon: Pinoy Bingo Night’s 8th Millionaires!

ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Bingo Night (PBN) gave away another million to Yeng Constantino and Bugoy Drilon as they completed the Money Bags round! They’re the 8th Millionaire and the next celebrities to Andrew E. who won.

Yeng Constantino And Bugoy Drilon: Pinoy Bingo Night 8th Millionaires!

June 4 is also Baby James’ birthday and Kris Aquino is really happy how lucky her son’s birth date can be for the two Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Scholar Winners. Kris also noted that they’re luck may have something to do with the ‘animal prints’ Yeng has on her dress. Angel Locsin have animal prints on her dress back then when she bagged the million and also with Maja Salvador when a bingoer chose to continue playing and eventually won the million, too.

Bugoy and Yeng have the finer things in life now. Both of them decided that their winnings will go cater further their families’ needs. Bugoy’s allotting for his brothers’ education and Yeng for her mom’s restaurant business.

Kris Aquino didn’t want the night to end just with happy celebrities, so she decided to throw a burger treat to the 200 bingoers as well. She’s actually extending ABS-CBN’s celebration on recapturing the No.1 position in the networks’ race and of course, a birthday treat from Baby James, too.

To all of you who wants some extra cash to win… here’s the last number drawn, N44. Just text BINGO N44 to 2366. A 100,000 pesos is waiting for the lucky texter! Happy texting guys. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sam Milby Rocks Your World Tomorrow!

Sam Milby gets to rock your world on his first major solo concert tomorrow, October 25 at the Aliw Theater. It has the banner, Sam Milby: Rockoustic Heartthrob.

You donโ€™t want to miss this one with the goddess herself, Anne Curtis to grace Sam Milby. The G Force, Yeng Constantino and Pokwang get to jam and kick some butt as well. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Be ready to be blown away! If you still donโ€™t have the tickets, go to Ticket Net outlets or call them up at 911-5555. ๐Ÿ˜Ž