KC Concepcion And Richard Gutierrez ‘When I Met You’ Hit!

‘When I Met You’ is definitely a hit once again as KC and Richard’s second movie! Their chemistry just can’t stop to surface on the films, TV appearances and even with their families much more comfortable and excited as ever for both of them.

Annabelle Rama and Richard’s sister Ruffa Gutierrez were both very vocal about their approval in any case or time that the two would like to exchange vows in a holy matrimony. Though, they are as the most coveted couple right now, they still don’t have a formal relationship. KC’s father Gabby Concepcion may have explained it better. He may cast the vote for approval to Richard, but KC’s a good girl enough to heed her father’s advice to focus on her career for the mean time.

Everything seems to be perfect for these young couple, that you can’t imagine anything that can make them go apart. Though, the question of if there would be anyone to get them apart would be a totally different story. Apparently, Piolo Pascual’s getting his act together just to be close to our beautiful KC Concepcion.

We’ll uncover more of that later on. :)

For now let’s just enjoy KChard’s second film, that is actually a Valentine treat for you by GMA Films. It also casts Cheery Pie Picache, Tirso Cruz, Iya Villania, Perla Bautista, Raquel Villavicencio and other not to be ignored artists.

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez: “When I Met You”

This will be very interesting, don’t you think? GMA Films will be shooting this December for a very promising movie of two of the most sought after actors and actresses (not to mention ‘most followed’ love team of the year). This could be a nice ‘ride on the bandwagon.’ Who would not? :roll:

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez has undeniably touched the hearts of the people and their chemistry seems to have a charisma to anyone who looked at them together. Their recently shown film (though they’re still roving around outside the country promoting it), “For the First Time” sold out their tickets to sky rocketing figures that made it a huge success (even better than Sarah and John Lloyd’s first day tickets)!  😯   It wasn’t a surprise at all when you have these young stars at the silver screen, and Star Cinema is no dumb to put them together first.

It’s not that GMA Films don’t have faith on those two stars. Maybe Star Cinema is just fortunate to have them both ‘in this film.’ Richard just enlightened us in an interview that he is not actually going over the fence and sign a contract with ABS CBN. That’s a cool answer from Richard and definitely cool to have another movie back to his GMA Films. “When I Met You” will be a sure hit for a Valentine Treat next year’s February. 2009 will be much awaited then for the ‘King of Valentine movies’ to pardon us from having a lonely hearts month.  😥 But as of now, seeing these two together just makes the fans sing their hearts out loud! 😉