Toni, Mariel and Bianca Comes Back As Pinoy Big Brother Hosts

On the press conference of the new season of Pinoy Big Brother (Double Up), hosts Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzales were announced to come back as hosts for the said show.

The three hosts expressed their happiness and gratitude to ABS-CBN management and director Loren Diyogi, who on the other hand said that he haven’t thought of changing the three talented hosts. Mariel Rodriguez was overwhelmed and even cried as she thanked the people behind the PBB’s new season.

The management made a good choice in bringing back the hosts to the show. They all do well in their craft. The PBB’s new season will be absolutely exciting, not to mention hot and spicy. 😉

Toni Gonzaga Helps Aid Taytay, Rizal

Recurring Pinoy Big Brother host Toni Gonzaga’s home in Taytay was not affected by the typhoon ‘Ondoy’. In order to reach out to the affected fellow Rizaleños Toni lead relief operation in her hometown.

The actress including her family organized their own relief operation. Being a former councilor of the place the actress mentioned that we don’t have to be in politics to help our fellow Filipinos. According the actress, everyone can help in their own special way.

Toni pointed out that the incident was nothing less an effect of our wrong doings to our environment. According to her, we should be aware that we must love and take good care of our nature and our country.

Toni Gonzaga and Derek Ramsey Teams Up in Precious Heart Romances

ABS-CBN launched their new afternoon series Precious Heart Romances and they had some twist of team-ups having Toni Gonzaga and Derek Ramsey on to spice up your day.

Toni Gonzaga and Derek Ramsey Teams Up in Precious Heart Romances

The episode will be ‘Ang Lalaking Nagmahal Sa Akin’ (translated: The Guy Who Loved Me). Well, it’s actually rumored to be more like of a Filipino version of ‘Maid in Manhattan’ movie starring Hollywood celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes.

Toni is an obvious fan of romantic pocketbooks where you can sense much of her fondness of ‘romances’ itself with its roller coaster ride and finding the man of her dreams kind-of-stuff. She’ll be making this one a sure hit. Derek has his natural charm on the other hand, embodied with a hunky attitude and style.

These are great stuff coming your way under the spicy but tough director himself, Wenn Deramas. Don’t forget to watch it guys! 😉

Toni Gonzaga Hosts GAME KNB?!

Have you seen Toni Gonzaga hosts Pilipinas Game K N B? She’s stunning and really a head turner on her white tube-skirt dress… however they call it… =)

She substituted for Chairman Edu Manzano together with Brod Pit to do the opening introductions. Toni got real talent in hosting and a sure way of getting the game show’s momentum going.

Does ABS CBN have any plans of getting this hot gal on a permanent game show of her own? Let’s watch out! =)