Shaina Magdayao And John Prats: Together Again?

About a year ago, Shaina Magdayao and her co-UD4 member John Prats were reportedly a couple. In fact, John supposedly gave Shaina a ring similar to his to signify their closeness. But for some unknown reason, the two suddenly stopped wearing the rings.

But during the pictorial for her latest project with “Your Song Presents” (a weekly series), spotted Shaina wearing the ring again. When we asked the young actress why she was wearing the ring again and if it meant she and John were together again, she laughed and gave a very intriguing comment: “Bakit hindi niyo na lang tanungin yung nagbigay!?”

“Your Song Presents” featuring Shaina Magdayao, Jake Cuenca, and Marvin Raymundo airs this July.