Jennylyn Mercado: FHM Philippines November 2009 Cover Girl

FHM Philippines sets their cover sizzling hot with Jennylyn Mercado this November 2009.

Jennylyn’s gracing their cover the second time around, with her first last January 2008. Now, she takes on the cover as ‘The Versatile Star Unleashes a howler of a comeback!’ FHM also adds some features on Areolas! Why they suck you in – and you suck them back!

There’s more to read besides hot momma Jennylyn here in their mag, though. They’re giving you the Lords of Illusion! Pinoy magicians will leave you spellbound! and Be Rich-Now! Earn cash that’ll last a lifetime!

Get your copy while still available on your favorite magazine stands!

Lucy Torres-Gomez Covers Women’s Health June 2009

Lucy Torres-Gomez divulge “The #1 Secret Of Long Lasting Couples” on the third issue of Women’s Health Magazine this June 2009.

Lucy Torres-Gomez Covers Women\'s Health June 2009

Lucy’s hosting on TV5’s Shall We Dance! and QTV 11’s The Sweet Life. She graced Preview fashion magazine cover last March in a black elegant swimsuit. And now she’s posing on white tops and in blue jeans for Women’s Health mag. They’re featuring “25 Best Jeans For Your Body” plus the “At-Home Yoga Guide: Hot, Healthy and Toned!” to give you leaner legs, flatter abs and stronger arms.

So what’s more inside? Actually, they have at least “561 Best New Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Loss & Beauty Tips!” and a couple of how-to’s like “Look Gorgeous in 2 Minutes or Less!” and solving your diet dilemmas on “Get Slim and Stay that Way!”

There are lots of things you can grab from here so get a copy now from any magazine stands near you! 😉

Erich Gonzales In Lead Role On ABS-CBN’s Remake Of “Katorse”

Erich Gonzales’ going all-fresh in all-white soaked kamison in her first lead role on ABS-CBN’s remake of “Katorse.” This was actually a movie back in 1980’s, which starred Dina Bonnevie together with Gabby Concepcion and was directed by Joey Gosiengfiao. Though, it won’t be as sexy, fleshy and daring as the film, it’ll definitely be at par on how the story will be brought to life once more.

Erich Gonzales In Lead Role On ABS-CBN\'s Remake Of \"Katorse\"

The story evolves around Nene, who faced life’s difficulty and challenge early on in her life. And that it begins when she’s 14 yrs old, innocent and carefree that she has fallen in-love and gave it all. Consequently, she gave birth to a child.

Erich deserves the break after all, she’s been the Grand Questor of Star Circle Quest back 2005. She’s done some teeny-tweetums roles then, but this one’s going to get her to the next level. She will actually be joined in this series with Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus winner Ejay Falcon and model-athlete Xian Lim.

ABS-CBN’s launching this TV series as Your Song Presents: Katorse. Erich may be 19 right now and may have not experienced the same fate with Nene, but she sure has the looks and the artistry to put the role in highlights. 😉

Katrina Halili On “Scandal Video” With Hayden Kho: “Still Surviving…”

Have you seen the Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho Scandal Video that’s all over the internet lately? Well, actually it wasn’t the ‘sex video’ that you would be interested to watch for. As JC Tiuseco would put it, better not to see it as a sign of respect for Kat. Though, it was just a sexy dance of the ex-couple in their undies.

Katrina Halili On \"Scandal Video\" With Hayden Kho: \"Still Surviving...\"
If you happen to watch John “Sweet” Lapus’ successful 16th anniversary celebration in showbiz, then you’ll get a funny idea of what’s in it. Spoofs aside, Katrina was pretty much torn with what she expected of the Belo-Hayden-Katrina controversy to have already ended, which all of a sudden got dugged up by the release of the ‘sexy dance’ video. Katrina Halili On \"Scandal Video\" With Hayden Kho: \"Still Surviving...\"

Katrina was interviewed at Startalk last weekend and was so emotional about it. She said that there would just be three or four people who may have these videos and somehow she just can’t figure out their reason why did they do such a thing. It’s unclear if they just want her to get out of showbiz for good or kinda get something from her in return of not exposing further the more sensitive and sensual videos… if there would be any.

Katrina Halili On \"Scandal Video\" With Hayden Kho: \"Still Surviving...\"

As of now, Katrina’s ‘still surviving…’ and getting support from her friends to stay strong amidst all these. If being apologetic, learning the lessons from her mistakes and harnessing strength to move on is not enough for these people… then what else would they want from Katrina?

Anyway, the good thing about it is Katrina’s doing just fine to stay away… but if the next video comes out… then we’ll see… what’s their next dance move. 😉

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