Richard Gutierrez In A Car Accident After “Full House” Taping

It was recently reported that Richard Gutierrez has been caught in a car accident early this morning at around 1am along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Puting Kahoy Village, Silang, Cavite. It’s been noted that Richard is on the wheels driving home in a Nissan Skyline GTR sports car along with his bodyguard George Mastura and PA Norman Pardo.

Richard Gutierrez In A Car Accident After \

They actually hit a post then went into a deep gorge then hit a coconut tree. Norman Pardo, his assistant was reportedly dead because of the accident. While Richard and George were both wounded and rushed to the hospital. As of now, Richard is said to be in the Asian Hospital in Alabang, Muntinlupa undergoing a CT-Scan to make sure that his head is in a favorable condition.

GMA-7 CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon was also noted to answer for all the expenses the accident incurred, both the hospitalization and the funeral services of the assistant. Richard was said to have just gone through a taping for Full House, a Koreanovela adaptation in line to replace Zorro by July, when the accident happened.

Zorro: Richard Gutierrez Rides Behind The Legendary Mask

Richard Gutierrez now holds the stance of one of the most celebrated hero of all times behind the legendary mask of Zorro. He’s an accomplished one-hell of a young action star, and a well-sought leading man that makes him easy to put to life the class, the prowess and the allure of the smashingly clever icon.

Zorro: Richard Gutierrez Rides Behind The Legendary Mask

Recently, GMA 7 held a presscon for Zorro to launch a teaser and officially start the teleserye this coming Monday, the 23rd of March. It was said to be on a par with Hollywood class that it was noted Anabelle Rama to be quite teary for such warmth and support GMA is showing to her son’s projects.

Among the casts that will grace the TV series are 3 leading ladies, Rhian Ramos, Michelle Madrigal and Bianca King.  Rhian would be her third time to match up with Richard, first is in Captain Barbell and second in Lupin. Jomari Yllana will join the story as Diego Dela Vega, the former Zorro and the one who’ll be teaching Richard Gutierrez to be his successor.

Zorro's Leading Women: Rhian Ramos, Michelle Madrigal and Bianca King

Zorro was shot in Bagac, Bataan that is an ideal place for 1900’s Philippine Hispanic setting. There’ll be a lot of fighting scenes as well. They’ve trained hard, including Rhian who delve into fencing. Horse back riding is also one of the things Richard has to be a master with. It will run on a three season that will make your masked rider experience a much long-standing excitement! 😉

Richard Gomez To Host GMA’s New Game Show “Family Feud?”

GMA 7 is posing to get on aboard a new TV game show here in the country last quarter this year. It is “Family Feud,” which is originally a Mark Goodson Production from the US. It is set to actually air this coming 3rd week of October as a replacement of “GoBingo” that is hosted by comedian Arnel Ignacio.

Wilma Galvante, GMA7 Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV declined to reveal the show’s host yet but sources said that it’s going to be Richard Gomez. Other rumors also noted that Richard lowered his talent fee just to have his own show.  Just like his contemporaries he left from ABS CBN that successfully pulled through as Edu Manzano with “Pilipinas GKNB?” and Cesar Montano with the in demand comeback of “The Singing Bee.”

Richard is a good actor and might be a good host, too to “Family Feud.” Richard Dawson, the first American host of the game show was actually known to kiss the female contestants on lips several times if she plays the “fast money” round. Gomez would appeal to do so if GMA decides to get him to do it, too. Go get some for us, Goma! :mrgreen:

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez: “When I Met You”

This will be very interesting, don’t you think? GMA Films will be shooting this December for a very promising movie of two of the most sought after actors and actresses (not to mention ‘most followed’ love team of the year). This could be a nice ‘ride on the bandwagon.’ Who would not? :roll:

KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez has undeniably touched the hearts of the people and their chemistry seems to have a charisma to anyone who looked at them together. Their recently shown film (though they’re still roving around outside the country promoting it), “For the First Time” sold out their tickets to sky rocketing figures that made it a huge success (even better than Sarah and John Lloyd’s first day tickets)!  😯   It wasn’t a surprise at all when you have these young stars at the silver screen, and Star Cinema is no dumb to put them together first.

It’s not that GMA Films don’t have faith on those two stars. Maybe Star Cinema is just fortunate to have them both ‘in this film.’ Richard just enlightened us in an interview that he is not actually going over the fence and sign a contract with ABS CBN. That’s a cool answer from Richard and definitely cool to have another movie back to his GMA Films. “When I Met You” will be a sure hit for a Valentine Treat next year’s February. 2009 will be much awaited then for the ‘King of Valentine movies’ to pardon us from having a lonely hearts month.  😥 But as of now, seeing these two together just makes the fans sing their hearts out loud! 😉

Richard Guttierez Surely Has A Great Seat Between Heart and KC!

Richard is taping with Heart Evangelista with their newest soap ‘Codename: Asero’ and had a cutesy billboard just made back at GMA7. While he will also have a movie shooting as far as Greece with KC Concepcion, ‘For The First Time’, under Star Cinema.

Richard was asked if what’s the feeling to have two leading ladies at the same time. He brilliantly just said… let’s just find out when I come back from Greece.

Who can have a better place? He’s there with a listening stance while Heart’s heart is aching about her break-up with Jericho Rosales. On the other part, he’s there to be a cool companion of KC’s first trip to Greece.

Talking about being at the right place and at the right time… no one beats to be the right person as well!

Read out the full article from GMANews.TV and definitely you’ll have to get jealous with this lucky guy.