Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. Sets To Remake Again ‘Panday: Ang Simula’

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. won’t be running for President this coming 2010 elections, taking heed of his father’s advice. Instead he would be producing and casting himself as the main role player in the remake of Carlo J. Caparas’ ‘Panday’ as Flavio.

Ramon \

‘Panday: Ang Simula’ is set to make its way to be an official entry on December’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Philip Salvador will play the villainous Lizardo and promises their fans to expect lots of adventure and to be action-packed.

Iza Calzado, Rhian Ramos and Geoff Eigenmann also join the cast of this remake. Panday has always been a blockbuster hit since Fernando Poe Jr. put it to life. Senator Bong Revilla Jr. may have continued its legacy for the past few years, but this time it’ll hit the silver screen and ironically, it’ll take us back to it’s beginning one more time.

Robin Padilla Sees Dead People In “Sundo”

The first local horror flick of the year is now on it’s opening day, “Sundo” starring Robin Padilla in all his gutsiness together with Rhian Ramos, Katrina Halili, Mark Bautista, Hero Angeles and Sunshine Dizon. This one’s from the makers of Box-Office hit thriller “Ouija.”

Robin portrays here Romano who was ambushed together with his men during a military operation. He luckily survived but put into a comma. He eventually recovered and woke up and had his good sense of life, though he began to notice something supernatural has been added to his senses.  He now sees dead people who fetch the soul of their love ones just before they have their tragic death.

Sundo: Robin Padilla, Rhian Ramos, Katrina Halili and Sunshine Dizon

Definitely, there’ll be something bigger in the story enough to scare you to your seats. And twists that’ll make you smile too, but for sure you’ll love the suspense Director Topel Lee have put into it.

Sometimes, folklore always had this hair-raising effect even though you’re just beginning to listen to its story. How much more when you watch it! 😉

Zorro: Richard Gutierrez Rides Behind The Legendary Mask

Richard Gutierrez now holds the stance of one of the most celebrated hero of all times behind the legendary mask of Zorro. He’s an accomplished one-hell of a young action star, and a well-sought leading man that makes him easy to put to life the class, the prowess and the allure of the smashingly clever icon.

Zorro: Richard Gutierrez Rides Behind The Legendary Mask

Recently, GMA 7 held a presscon for Zorro to launch a teaser and officially start the teleserye this coming Monday, the 23rd of March. It was said to be on a par with Hollywood class that it was noted Anabelle Rama to be quite teary for such warmth and support GMA is showing to her son’s projects.

Among the casts that will grace the TV series are 3 leading ladies, Rhian Ramos, Michelle Madrigal and Bianca King.  Rhian would be her third time to match up with Richard, first is in Captain Barbell and second in Lupin. Jomari Yllana will join the story as Diego Dela Vega, the former Zorro and the one who’ll be teaching Richard Gutierrez to be his successor.

Zorro's Leading Women: Rhian Ramos, Michelle Madrigal and Bianca King

Zorro was shot in Bagac, Bataan that is an ideal place for 1900’s Philippine Hispanic setting. There’ll be a lot of fighting scenes as well. They’ve trained hard, including Rhian who delve into fencing. Horse back riding is also one of the things Richard has to be a master with. It will run on a three season that will make your masked rider experience a much long-standing excitement! 😉