Yeng Constantino And Bugoy Drilon: Pinoy Bingo Night’s 8th Millionaires!

ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Bingo Night (PBN) gave away another million to Yeng Constantino and Bugoy Drilon as they completed the Money Bags round! They’re the 8th Millionaire and the next celebrities to Andrew E. who won.

Yeng Constantino And Bugoy Drilon: Pinoy Bingo Night 8th Millionaires!

June 4 is also Baby James’ birthday and Kris Aquino is really happy how lucky her son’s birth date can be for the two Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Scholar Winners. Kris also noted that they’re luck may have something to do with the ‘animal prints’ Yeng has on her dress. Angel Locsin have animal prints on her dress back then when she bagged the million and also with Maja Salvador when a bingoer chose to continue playing and eventually won the million, too.

Bugoy and Yeng have the finer things in life now. Both of them decided that their winnings will go cater further their families’ needs. Bugoy’s allotting for his brothers’ education and Yeng for her mom’s restaurant business.

Kris Aquino didn’t want the night to end just with happy celebrities, so she decided to throw a burger treat to the 200 bingoers as well. She’s actually extending ABS-CBN’s celebration on recapturing the No.1 position in the networks’ race and of course, a birthday treat from Baby James, too.

To all of you who wants some extra cash to win… here’s the last number drawn, N44. Just text BINGO N44 to 2366. A 100,000 pesos is waiting for the lucky texter! Happy texting guys. 😉

Philip Nadela: First Little Grand Star Dreamer

Philip Nadela ended up to be the first grand star dreamer with 191,060 votes, garnering 40.47% of the total. Philip Nolasco, as he is also known, is the ‘little singing heartthrob’ 9-year-old kid from General Santos City who finally got his dream. He sang Josh Groban’s hit ‘You Raise Me Up’ as his finale performance.

Amy Libot, 6 years old from Las Pinas City is the 2nd Little Star Dreamer and Angelo Garcia, 6 years old from Mindoro ended up third.

The other little dreamer finalist were Cristina de Leon, 9 yrs. old from Cavite with 16,187 votes (3.46%); Risie Nayo, 10 yrs. old from Palawan with 30,528 votes (6.53%); and Aubrey Caraan, 10 yrs. old from Batangas with 50,295 votes (10.76%).

Philip, the very first Pinoy Dream Academy Little Grand Star Dreamer 2008 bagged home a Sony home theater with 32” LCD Sony Bravia, a House and Lot from Globe Asiatique, and a 1 Million Peso Cheque.

Laarni Lozada Won As The Grand Star Dreamer Of PDA Season 2!

Wow! That’s one hell of a fight that you’ve seen out there. Laarni Lozada of Sultan Kudarat came out not just having a towering voice but have proven to have endeared so many fans that finally she was declared the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer! 😀

Cris Pastor actually garnered 36,000+ votes to have the 6th place. Van Roxas took the 5th place with 112,00+ votes. Liezel Garcia though 5 time Star Scholar ended up 4th with just 6,000 less votes from Miguel Mendoza. He accumulated 253,000+ votes, which is enough to put him up to the no.3 spot. He did won for himself Php300,000.00 cash prize, Sony LCD TV, Sony Vaio Laptop and a kitchen showcase from Whirlpool.

Bugoy Drilon is really a Grand Star Dreamer by heart as he thanked the fans that supported him tallying with 549,000+ votes. He was awarded with Php500,000.00 cash prize, Sony LCD TV, Sony Vaio Laptop and a Whirlpool kitchen showcase. Laarni Lozada polled exactly 651,696 votes to give her 35.21% of the total text poll. She’ll take home Php1,000,000.00 plus the Sony LCD TV, Sony Vaio Laptop, Whirlpool Kitchen Showcase, Php1.5M worth of store franchise from Crystal Clear Water and a brand new house and lot from Globe Asiatique.

Watch out for their albums! 😎

PDA2: Grand Dream Night!

This is truly the night we’ve been waiting for! The performance night of the final six graduates of Pinoy Dream Academy Seaaon 2 is truly spectacular. It was a culmination of 13 weeks of ups and downs, gala and eviction nights. Their techniques have improved and the lessons they’ve learned kept them inspired to push on and it finally came to one Grand Dream Night!

Miguel Mendoza came out as a multi-talented, well-rounded musician. A balladeer at a young age, he surely has a long career of singing and songs to write out from his heart. Laarni Lozada stands out because of her powerful and versatile voice. Her command on stage really pumps out the energy from within. Cris Pastor is obviously the sexiest, gorgeous and beautiful that came out to be naturally artistic. Van Roxas is exceptionally a pop rock superstar. His groovy moves, charm and star-striking presence really gave him much of the edge from the rest. Liezel Garcia has one of the finest voices in the industry. She was also a 5 time star scholar. This exotic beauty is coined to be the future of Philippine RnB. Bugoy Drilon on the final note gave out his extraordinary voice much to his distinction. He has the widest vocal range that came out from the deepest part of his heart and soul.

It is a night to reckon. A celebration of the finest talent ever staged so far in the country. A collection of different people who strives to unite though they’re in a midst of competition. What they have achieved is not just improvement and fame, but inspiration, love and respect from their mentors, co-scholars, families and the fans.

There’s one more step though before the curtain falls. Tomorrow is the Grand Awards Night! And you have to keep on voting until 2pm with ASAP! Who would you vote for? 😎

Pinoy Dream Academy is Down to 6 Finalists!

The Final Six (6) of the Pinoy Dream Academy 2 is set to compete head-on to each other. The last expulsion night gave the six spot to Van to complete the finalists. Hansen got off the academy, leaving his friends and apple of the eye, Cris longing and in tears.

Shooting for the greatness, Bugoy and Liezel are the top 2 competitors who paved the way to exchange places as star scholars on the past gala nights. But Laarni has her own right and raging determination to keep up with the two. The popular bottom three, Cris, Miguel and Van is actually no bottom three at all. Their improvements, realizations during their exercises with Teacher Malou boost their morale and get them to think that they joined the competition not just to have a place but to be at the top!

Excellence is what to be expected from these six, nothing less or settling even for second best. Their first reason why they got themselves into the competition, their families, loved ones and their very dreams will be put across the line between each one of them and the Grand Star Dreamer’s Title!

Exciting isn’t it? You just can’t keep your fingers crossed if you want to see your chosen ‘Dreamer’ to the top. I guess you have to keep on sending in your text votes guys for now. <And don’t forget to cast your votes here too. Check our new Hot Polls which you can see just at right side of this page. Alright?> We’ll keep on watching! =)