Gerald Anderson Saves a Neighbor During Typhoon Ondoy

Quezon City is one of the places in Manila that was greatly affected by the typhoon ‘Ondoy’. Many dwellers were hurt and some even died because of the calamity.

Gerald Anderson who happens to be living in Quezon City became a sudden hero during the outrage of typhoon ‘Ondoy’ last Saturday. Gerald’s neighbor who was trapped helplessly on a roof was saved by the ‘Tayong Dalawa’ heart throb, mindless of the terrifying chest-deep flood.

Gerald’s heroism gained praises and recognition from the ABS-CBN management. The young star also gained admiration from fans who were inspired and touched with Gerald’s bravery.

It seems like his training for the fight and jump scenes in his current ABS-CBN TV series ‘Tiyagong Akyat’ brought out the better in him. We’ll continue watching you jump over those hoops… or even just swim through…  Keep it up! 😉

[Photo credit: BotoMoIpatrolMo.Multiply.Com]

Richard Guttierez On Saving Cristine Reyes Story Published At The NYTimes!

The well-publicized rescue effort of Richard Guttierez on Cristine Reyes’ cry for help during the typhoon Ondoy also got an international attention, even making it to the New York Times.

Here’s an excerpt from the NYTimes report entitled “Filipino Actor Saves Real-Life Damsel in Distress:”

“A popular Philippine actress cried out for help from a rooftop as a tropical storm roared and floodwaters rose menacingly. Then an actor emerged from nowhere on a speedboat and swept her to safety.

“A romantic scene from a movie?

“No, it was the real-life travails of young actress Christine Reyes. Her rescue by movie and TV heartthrob Richard Gutierrez as Tropical Storm Ketsana raged across the northern Philippines was one of the happier moments of last weekend’s disaster that left at least 140 dead and tens of thousands homeless.”

Cristine was able to come back to her residence at Princeton St. Provident Village in Marikina a day after her cinematic rescue. She’s safe and living with her sister Ara Mina. She has plans of getting a new house, though.

Some people take this as a publicity stunt altogether, but both Richard and Cristine denied it. It’s true that they have a movie together, Patient X, showing later this October. But, that’s too crazy if they’re just making that up, right? :)

Note: The man in white shirt above is not Richard by the way… just one very lucky guy. 😉

ABS-CBN and GMA7: Two TV Giants Help Ondoy’s Victims

GMA Kapuso Foundation and ABS-CBN’s Sagip-Kapamilya and ABS-CBN Foundation both conducted a telethon to raise funds for the victims of the typhoon ‘Ondoy’. A lot of celebs volunteered to join the telethon

Some who attended the telethon of GMA were Lucy Torres-Gomez, Iza Calzado, Rhian Ramos, Isabel Oli, Michelle Madrigal, Mark Herras, Arnell Ignacio, Butch Francisco, Benjie Paras, Ynna Asistio and other starlets including Vivo Juano amd Princess. Kris Aquino who also pledged P50,000 to Kapuso Foudation led the telethon for ABS-CBN Foundation. Willie Revillame even added another million for the first 26 million they already raised as donations.

Both GMA Kauso Foundation and ABS-CBN Foundation are gaining positive response from millions of Filipinos around the nation. There are a lot of pledges in cash or in kind from our fellows. The telethon also accepts ‘pananawagan’ and calls for help and emergency.

Richard Gutierrez Helps Out Christine Reyes From Ondoy Tragedy

Saturday (September 26, 2008), Metro Manila was struck by a super typhoon locally named ‘Ondoy’. It devastated large part of Metro Manila including Makati, Quezon City and large part of Rizal.

The typhoon ruined numerous lives, even local celebrities were not exempted from the calamity. Celebs who were greatly affected from the disaster were Cristine Reyes, Gladys Reyes, Jean Garcia and her daughter Jennica Garcia. It was tragic for both of the Reyeses and Garcias. Their houses were flooded up to their roofs. Cristine was even trapped on top of their roof with her nephews and was only rescued by Richard Gutierrez.

During these phenomenons, the value of sharing and unity is visible to all. Maxene Magalona and Bianca King both donated clothes to their friend Cristine Reyes. Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo travelled from Manila to Vista Verde, Cainta, Rizal to bring food and milk to Gladys and her family.

Pic grabbed from Ondoy.Tumblr