Sandra Seifert Good Enough Not To Be Naked With Ms. Philippines 2009

After the controversial disqualification of Sandra Ines Seifert from Bb. Pilipinas 2009, she vowed to go for Miss Philippines 2009 and sure she did!

Sandra Ines Seifert Qualified For Miss Philippines 2009

It was her choice back October 2007 to pose for FHM Magazine that made her unsuitable for Bb. Pilipinas. But the organizers back in Ms. Philippines reviewed their requirements and the Filipina-German model did fit. Posing in swimsuits could be sensual but girls do wear them in public, and as long as she’s not naked in the magazine they don’t see anything wrong with.

Sandra Ines Seifert in Swimsuit and Her pose for FHM Magazine October 2007

It’s cool to hear that, right? So guys, you could be expecting hotness in Miss Philippines 2009 beauty pageant! 😉