Charice Pempengco’s 1st Major Concert “The Journey Begins” on June 27

Charice Pempengco will be holding her first major concert entitled “Charice: The Journey Begins” here in the country on June 27, 8PM at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.

Charice Pempengco\'s 1st Major Concert \

Her special guests include her idol, Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez and her former “Little Big Star” fellow candidates. Charice will sing her life’s songs, a collective musical journey that she’d gone through that resemble every part of her life. Songs that she rendered on talent searches she joined, songs she performed at Oprah and those from her local and international albums’ single.

Last month, Charice unleashed her talent and passionately rendered her first US international single “A Note to God” at Oprah that catapulted her on top of the charts, No. 2 in Amazon, Top 3 in iTunes and Top 40 on the Billboard.

This one will surely be another addition to her ever-growing international sensation. Being recognized here is something to be very important to note of. This concert will truly be part of her great journey to even greater heights of success! 😉

Charice Pempengco Launched 1st US Single “A Note To God” On Oprah

Charice Pempengco takes on a third magnificently powerful appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday, the 18th of May. It’s no ordinary guesting but a huge launch on Charice’s first US single ‘A Note to God.’

Charice Pempengco Launched 1st US Single \

Oprah’s such a powerful influence and icon but she was also gracious and awed enough to recognize and to celebrate Charice’s pursuit of her own stardom and dreams. David Foster, a legendary music producer himself who also mentored the towering Celine Dion and Whitney Houston gave a heart warming remark of seeing in Charice a talent like he first saw Celine when she’s 18. Charice Pempengco In 1st US Single \

Diane Warren, actually wrote the song ‘A Note To God’ and now getting it to line up along her hit makers “Because You Loved Me,” “Un-Break My Heart,” and “How Do I Live.” Diane and David talked about Charice singing this song early on. However, it did not just fit with her but she was captivated that Charice exceeded their expectations.

Charice Pempengco Launched 1st US Single \

Charice really hit it powerfully, sang it beautifully but we can’t deny that she just let it flow from her heart. Tears have flown from her eyes and she’s just happy that she can call it her song. Oprah and the audience did share her tears of joy even before she went on finale. Moved and awed, they all just stood up, clapped and all of them just like a prayer, sang a note to God with her in their hearts.

It’s good to note too that Oprah did gave her an advice before they finished the interview. She said to Charice, ‘keep your feet on the ground even though you’re wearing better shoes.’ A very powerful advice too, isn’t it.

To our beloved Charice, as you keep your feet on the ground… keep your hands on reachin’ out and keep your eyes looking up as well… Congratulations! 😉

To those who like to download Charice 1st US single ‘A Note To God,’ you can try to play, listen and purchase it here at Amazon: