Aljur and Kris’ “Nandito Ako” Slumps On Its Opening Week

Last weekend typhoon ‘Ondoy’ attacked Metro Manila and left it with destroyed properties and injured inhabitants.

Starstruck loveteam Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal were addition to those devastated by the onslaught as their film ‘Nandito Ako’ flops the Box Office on its opening week. According to reports, the romantic-comedy film had a bad launching last Wednesday. Apparently, the Aljur-Kris movie seems to have a bad luck as another super typhoon, ‘Pepeng’ came to the Philippines this Friday.

The blame shouldn’t be put to ‘Ondoy’ or to the loveteam. It may be a lack of foresight on the part of production management that resulted to unsuccessful turn of events. If the launching was postponed, the movie may had a favorable ‘good’ opening week.

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal Make GMA-7’s “All My Life” Bigger Than Life!

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal did a very astounding performance in their noontime show with GMA-7’s ‘Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?’ and right now they’re taking the primetime block by storm with their newest soap ‘All My Life!’

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal Make GMA-7\'s \"All My Life\" Bigger Than Life!

Aljur plays Jules Romualdez and Kris as Romina Estrella. Lani Mercado takes the role of Aljur’s mom Marita Romualdez while Gelli de Belen as Kris’ mom Amelia Estrella. Zoren Legaspi, Jay Manalo, Manilyn Reynes, LJ Reyes, Paulo Avelino, Gladys Guevarra, Jay Aquitania, Jade Lopez, Stef Prescott, together with Bryan Termulo, Chris Cayzer, Moymoy Palaboy, Byron Ortile, and Martin delos Santos also comprised the star-studded cast of ‘All My Life.’

Mesmerizing as Aljur and Kris are together, the story that they play around with is also pretty much captivating in a sense that you’ll feel your heart also pounding, not with the ‘hate stuff’ that usually runs with rival families in which the main characters or lovers find themselves sneaking over each others’ fences or helplessly torn apart. But instead, it’s heartwarming to be swept away by how they’ve been separated in life just through the difficult tragedies that both their families have to go through in mutual acceptance, then how their lives evolved apart growing up and eventually how they’ve crossed paths again.

Some call it magic or some may say it’s simply fate, however these dubbed royal couples just make it on your TV screens seems to be bigger than life. Watch out for it every week nights after GMA’s 24 Oras. 😉

Kris Bernal And Aljur Abrenica On Regal Film’s “Nandito Ako”

Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica have been dubbed recently as Princess and Prince of Daytime Soap with their afternoon Kapuso TV series, “Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?” surging to extra-ordinary high ratings. Both of them right now is taking the complement pretty surprised and at the same time cool about it.

Kris Bernal And Aljur Abrenica On Regal Film\'s \"Nandito Ako\"

This young love team has it’s chemistry on TV and Regal Film’s teaming them up on the movie “Nandito Ako,” which will be directed by Maryo J. delos Reyes. It is said that their target date to start shooting will be on June 15 in Bohol.

Kris is turning 20 years old on May 17, and somehow many of their fans are wondering if she’ll finally going to say ‘yes’ to Aljur and have their love team for real this time. However, Kris is still not yet ready and she’s still not sure about her feelings, or let’s say a bit doubtful of Aljur. Girls are just all over Aljur and who can be blamed for that?

At least, each one of them have a special feeling and understanding for each other. And with their career blooming and with lots of priorities besides the ‘issues of the heart,’ it’ll be a good test and challenge for their love team… whether on-cam or off-cam. 😉

Ara Mina’s Getting Ready For 2010 Elections

If nothing’s gonna ever go wrong, Ara Mina is at most 70% sure of running for Quezon City’s 2nd District councilor. Politics run in her blood somehow, not to mention she’s the daughter of Mhel Mathay.

At the moment, Ara Mina’s camp is considering which political party and who’s the Mayor they’ll be going to run with. She said it would be hard to pull it all together running independently.

Ara Mina\'s Getting Ready For 2010 Elections

Back with GMA7, Ara Mina is also doing a villain role of the remake of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion’s hit movie ‘Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?’ Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica will play the lead roles.

Ara’s quite comfortable and positive about this project. Though about the 2010 elections, the 30% she’s hoping not to happen may or may not matter at all… if intentions are good and noble, why worry for 30% technicalities? Cheers to you Ara! 😉