Francis Magalona Cremated And Buried At Loyola Memorial Marikina

It was about 12 midnight that Francis Magalona’s necrological services ended last evening at Christ the King Chapel. Eulogies were said in memory of what they have seen Francis both on how he lived his life and how he accepted his final hour before he died.

Michael V. is one of the privileged close friend who actually witnessed how Francis fought and how he gladly let go. Una, Nicolo, Maxene, Frank, Saab, Elmo and his wife Pia expressed their deepest gratitude of how great their father about raising them up to pursue their dreams, their passion and to be very strong especially during times of trials.

Francis Magalona Happy Battle

Francis was carried afterwards to the crematory at La Funeraria Paz by 2am finishing just before 6am. He was brought back to Christ the King to have a mass and was finally buried at Loyola Memorial Park Marikina at 1pm.

This may seem to be Francis’ last but we all know that his legacy has just began. It was a Happy Battle indeed. Thanks and farewell Francis M!

Francis Magalona Necrological Services: The Last Wake

Francis Magalona’s family held the last wake tonight at Christ the King Main Chapel at Green Meadows together with relatives and close friends. The fans and a lot of people, artists, politicians and ‘mga kababayan’ who have been influenced with Francis’ music and life have taken part of his funeral.

Francis Magalona: The Last Wake

The likes of Imelda Marcos, Joseph Estrada, Cory Aquino and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan have shown up during the day. Ely Buendia, Allan K., Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, Pia Guanio never missed their opportunity to be with their beloved and much missed friend.

Francis’ necrological services was headed by his wife, Pia and 8 of his children, along with close friends Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Michael V. and Gary Valenciano who offered their heartfelt farewell songs. Videos and eulogies has been rendered as well.

Francis Magalona’s life has been well lived and his death made so much impact that it moved a country to shed a million tears and felt a place that wouldn’t be the same again without his voice and presence.

Francis Magalona’s Funeral at Christ The King Chapel

Francis Magalona died yesterday, March 6 at the age of 44 and his remains lie down at the Christ the King Chapel in Quezon City. It will be open for public viewing from 6am to 6pm starting today until Tuesday next week.

Francis Magalona Dog Tag: Died at the age of 44

The Entertainment and Music industry lost another icon but he will always be a visionary legend. His works, compositions, music, ideals and heart for the country will forever remain. He’s known as the Master Rapper, King of Pinoy Rap, The Man from Manila, Francis M., Kiko and someone who is ‘always present’ to his friends and family.

Francis Magalona: Before his 4th Chemo Cycle

He actually fought leukemia as he fought life’s legendary battle… bold, strong, passionate and with so much heart and energy.

Francis Magalona: The Man Of The 3 Stars & A Sun

To Francis Magalona, the Man Of The 3 Stars & A Sun… your life will remain a symbol of vigor and hope, of zest and passion!

Check out Francis Magalona’s website or Francis’ A Free Mind in Multiply.Com.