Francis Magalona’s Funeral at Christ The King Chapel

Francis Magalona died yesterday, March 6 at the age of 44 and his remains lie down at the Christ the King Chapel in Quezon City. It will be open for public viewing from 6am to 6pm starting today until Tuesday next week.

Francis Magalona Dog Tag: Died at the age of 44

The Entertainment and Music industry lost another icon but he will always be a visionary legend. His works, compositions, music, ideals and heart for the country will forever remain. He’s known as the Master Rapper, King of Pinoy Rap, The Man from Manila, Francis M., Kiko and someone who is ‘always present’ to his friends and family.

Francis Magalona: Before his 4th Chemo Cycle

He actually fought leukemia as he fought life’s legendary battle… bold, strong, passionate and with so much heart and energy.

Francis Magalona: The Man Of The 3 Stars & A Sun

To Francis Magalona, the Man Of The 3 Stars & A Sun… your life will remain a symbol of vigor and hope, of zest and passion!

Check out Francis Magalona’s website or Francis’ A Free Mind in Multiply.Com.

Will Kiko Rustia Join Jace Flores in the Tribal Council Soon?

That’s the question we’re bound to wait till Monday night tomorrow. But the latest Survivor Philippines Episode they’ve shown seems to lean towards Marlon Carmen to be voted out of the tribe.

Jace Flores was the first to be a member of the Tribal Council and the next to be voted out will be following his lead. It’s quite interesting to note about the last tribal meeting though, Vern even can’t help it but be mesmerized over Jace. Who would not, with this hunky lucky dude? 😎

It’s funny how Marlon actually makes the whole day seem to be lively and whacky especially it’s his birthday. It’s a brain twister at the same time that he would even indirectly mention how funnier it will come out if someone won’t even have a clue that he’s the one to be out.

Definitely, new alliances are being formed internally. Shalam Tribe is just a front to most of them and starts to play or emerge to a different personality. But for Kiko, he consistently claims that he wants to keep his personhood intact. That is, he doesn’t like to appear as a different person in the “Survivor” game in contrast to how he is known outside by his friends.

The voting is down to a 4-4-tie vote between Marlon and Kiko. The 9th vote will send either one of them home. Will it hold much water for Kiko when the final vote revealed tomorrow? Or will Marlon get another laugh with a gift of surviving another day after all?