Joem Bascon And Janna Dominguez: Bud Brothers “Tail You Lose, Head You’re Mine”

Precious Hearts Romances Presents Bud Brothers is on its Book 4: ‘Tail You Lose, Head You’re Mine’ with Joem Bascon and Janna Dominguez in the love maze this time.

Joem Bascon And Janna Dominguez: Bud Brothers \"Tail You Lose, Head You\'re Mine\"

There’s so much happening in the bud brother’s farm and it’s full of twists and turns that you simply can’t ignore. Joem plays the conservative Pete Labrador and Janna, the eccentric lady Tammy. They’re technically opposite but eventually they became friends. However, another bud brother, Dr. Ed played by Manuel Chua Jr. comes into the scene. Now, there’s the love triangle twist!

Janna’s really hot, however you look at her. She’s funny, always laughing, kind of low maintenance that really just add up to her sexiness. There’ll be more to find out on there romance, so it’s pretty cool just to watch these two find there way into love. 😉

Precious Hearts Romance Presents “The Bud Brothers”

ABS-CBN’s Precious Hearts Romance “The Bud Brothers” is set to occupy the Hapontastic timeslot this coming May 4. Its story is actually based on the Bud Brothers Series, having eight best selling novels written by a Filipino romance writer, Rose Tan.

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The cast will include Jake Cuenca as Vince Banaag, Rafael Rosell as Wayne Alban, Will Devaughn as Monty Geronimo, John Prats as Carlo Domingo, Joem Bascon as Pete Labrador, Manuel Chua as Dr. Ed Lacson, Guji Lorenzana as Rei Arambulo and Ahron Villena as Pio Andong Jr.

Definitely girls won’t be missed with stars like Cristine Reyes, Roxanne Guinoo, Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion, Wendy Valdez, Janna Dominguez, Maricar Reyes, Denise Laurel and also Camille Prats.

Bud Brothers is directed by Laurenti Dyogi. This one’s gonna heat up your hearts! 😉