Randy, Gino and Louie Party With The Scholars!

The hunky scholars were singing ‘Babaero’ when Randy Santiago entered the scene for a surprise. Everyone had a good laugh exchanging eye contact with the heartthrob in shades! =)

But wait, Randy didn’t just go inside by himself. He got there with Gino Padilla and Louie Herredia. And these three didn’t go in the academy just to have fun. They purposely visit to teach the guys how to have S-E-X… yep, you’ve read it right. Its Randy’s idea or acronym for S-imple, E-xtra ordinary, X-appeal… and it’s a good sort of lesson to get girls go wild and crazy as an add-on to their alpha male technique.

Sizzling revelations actually came up too. The 80’s Matinee Idols also ask the guys to pinpoint their ‘inspirations.’ Inaki and Sen both like Cris. Van told them a “Bunny-look-a-like” someone from Cebu. For Miguel, of course is Bea. And Bugoy blushingly revealed it’s Liezel! What’s more interesting is that the guys didn’t know the girls are actually watching them on a TV. So it was a ‘kilig’ moment after all.

To top the fun party, they had a hearty meal courtesy of Ratzky! =)

PDA2: Inaki Finally Admitted His Feelings For Cris!

So what do we have now… another love at first sight? Who can stop Inaki now when the two hottest guys in the academy, Sen and Van got in line first of wooing the heart of this voluptuous, sexy, rock artist!

They can be good friends though. Cris expressed her gratitude and her fondness to him that pushed Inaki to flirt some more. He’s like a teddy bear to Cris when she hugged him. They can be a cute tandem at least just in case. =)

PDA2: Rafael ‘Iñaki’ Ting and Laarni Losala – 1st Probationary Scholars of Pinoy Dream Academy 2

18-year-old Rafael Ting, dubbed as the “Stage Performer,” is from Pasig City. His favorite singer is David Cook. He got 5 votes from his fellow scholars.

Laarni Losala is age 23 from Sultan Kudarat. Her favorite performer is Lea Salonga. She got 3 votes to put her on the last.

Beatriz “Bea” Muñoz, 18, is from Alabang. Bea is the girlfriend of another PDA scholar Miguel Mendoza. Her favorite singer is Lea Salonga. She got 8 votes that includes Chivas and Bunny’s votes to finally save her from being a probationary scholar.

To vote for your favorite dreamer using your mobile phone, text
PDA <name of dreamer>

Example: PDA INAKI    or    PDA LAARNI

to the following access numbers:
2331 for Globe, TM and Bayan Wireless Landline subscribers
231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers