Toni Gonzaga in Red @ Pilipinas GKNB!

The last time we’ve seen Toni Gonzaga @ Pilipinas GKNB is in a dashing all-white tube-skirt. The sassy girl just made the game show a bit spicier in her red skirt, not to mention she’s with Vhong Navarro this time around to back her up on the shows opening.

It’s kinda cute to see both Toni and Vhong on set, dancing on every tune and clichés we always hear from the all time favorite noon game show. Toni even have to mention she really wants to do the shows’ dance theme. It may be short but you can’t resist but be enthralled by her poise and style.

Congratulations again Toni and Vhong with your blockbuster movie My Only U!’ 😎