Bb. Pilipinas 2000 Is The New Singing Bee Champ!

Bb. Pilipinas 2000 Nina Ricci Alagao joined the Singing Bee and beat Gerard Salonga, 2 to 1 score, at the final countdown. She took home tonight a total of P60,000!

She’s into modeling and enjoys a lot as a make-up artist. She’s simply beautiful and definitely will be back to defend her title next week. After 8 years and she’s still a pretty sight to gaze upon! =)

Gerard Salonga, Yet To Win The Million!

Gerard Salonga got a total of P80k so far in two days as the ‘Singing Bee’ champion. He’s so close though in winning a million if not for some small discrepancies in the lyrics he answered. Well, that what makes the game exciting… getting so close, but not enough to have the prize!

For Gerard, it’s supposedly easy because he is quite strict and meticulous. He is one of the notable judge of Pinoy Dream Academy. His good, favorable comments were coveted and prized by the scholars as well as his constructive, blunt criticisms.

Mr. Gerard is still the champion though, so he has another chance tomorrow night to finally get the million! We’ll watch for you. Cheers! =)

PDA2: Bea and Miguel, It Takes Two To Tango

At 18, Bea Muñoz and Miguel Mendoza were very sweet couple with so much promising future ahead of them, and last night was not too close to breaking them apart. Undeniably Miguel admits Bea lacks musicality, but he still tried to save her by doing his best to carry them through their number. It’s just that the jurors can’t slip it away, as Gerard Salonga explained it as Miguel’s attempt to save her dissipated the romance their trying to create.

It just didn’t stop there… both of them found himself or herself at the voting poll of possible expellee. Among the bottom four announced last night, two of them we’re saved. The Dream Mentors voted for Cris and Sen got the majority votes of his co-scholars.

During the interview with Billy Crawford, you can give some sympathies to Miguel… He again attempted to clear the foggy skies once more by focusing on Bea proving to try her best to work out their piece. Great attitude we can see from both of them at best.

Yep, it takes two to tango. Though one of them inevitably has to do the solo after the expulsion night. =)