Anne Curtis, Zanjoe Marudo and Derek Ramsey: The Wedding

ABS-CBN is making “The Wedding” a fun-filled threesome romance for Anne Curtis’ comeback in primetime TV. In her last series “Dyosa,” Anne got three lovers and now she’s down to two taking Zanjoe Marudo as a keeper and Derek Ramsey, a newly recruit lover in this teleserye.

Anne Curtis, Zanjoe Marudo and Derek Ramsey: The Wedding

This one is not an adaptation, though Koreanovela-inspired that gives a light romance setting with lots of small things to laugh about. ‘The Wedding’ is directed by Jeffrey Jetturian and casts with stars Eula Valdez, Michael De Mesa, Alwyn Uytingco, Mich Dulce and Irma Adlawan.

Anne Curtis, Zanjoe Marudo and Derek Ramsey: The Wedding

The photos above were from ABS-CBN’s behind the scenes of ‘The Wedding’ TV plug. Though it seems like it includes ‘The Honeymoon’, too. Just kiddin.. 😉

‘The Wedding’ premieres this coming May 11. Chill and get your heart to love and laugh with these three. Cheers! :)

Kristine Hermosa Sees Ghosts in “Nasaan Ka Maruja?”

Kristine Hermosa’s come back soap, “Nasaan Ka Maruja?” is a Mars Ravelo classic that will premier this May 2. It will follow the Komiks series and bring a suspense thriller genre on your TV screens.

Kristine Hermosa Stars in Nasaan Ka Maruja?

It’s a story about Maruja, a magazine columnist played by Kristine herself who has a third eye that allows her to see ghosts. She would eventually help these spirits to find justice and give them their long-sought peaceful rest.

Definitely it has a romantic touch to it and that plays well with Pinoy hunk Derek Ramsey. He’s getting some good roles nowadays and this is one of them.

Kristine Hermosa Teams Up With Derek Ramsey in Nasaan Ka Maruja?

Other cast includes John Estrada, Rey PJ Abellana, Enchong Dee, Kitkat, Karylle, Melissa Mendez and Ms. Gloria Romero.

Kristine Hermosa is very pretty in here and it’s always a pleasure to see her on screen. The last series she did for ABS-CBN was “Prinsesa ng Banyera.”

Enchong Dee Graduates at De La Salle University: A Role Model Indeed

Enchong Dee is a young tough athlete, a sought-after commercial model, a fine charming actor and of course, a good role model to the youth. This June 20, Enchong’s gonna step up one more time and receive a college diploma with a Political Science Major in Developmental Science course at De La Salle University.

Enchong Dee Graduates at De La Salle University: A Role Model Indeed

It’s not a regular thing to finish school for young budding artists choosing to make a living at an early age instead. But the likes of Enchong Dee, even the same with KC Concepcion, Nikki Gil and Laarni Lozada to get their studies done at the same time or prior to show business is a powerful influence to our youth nowadays.

With Primetime Bida Series, Cover Magazines and TV commercials, including swimming and studies, it’s really one heck of a juggle of his time. Enchong will also be part of the upcoming teleserye “Nasaan Ka Maruja?” together with Kristine Hermosa and Derek Ramsey, where he will play the role of Derek’s brother.

Toni Gonzaga and Derek Ramsey Teams Up in Precious Heart Romances

ABS-CBN launched their new afternoon series Precious Heart Romances and they had some twist of team-ups having Toni Gonzaga and Derek Ramsey on to spice up your day.

Toni Gonzaga and Derek Ramsey Teams Up in Precious Heart Romances

The episode will be ‘Ang Lalaking Nagmahal Sa Akin’ (translated: The Guy Who Loved Me). Well, it’s actually rumored to be more like of a Filipino version of ‘Maid in Manhattan’ movie starring Hollywood celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes.

Toni is an obvious fan of romantic pocketbooks where you can sense much of her fondness of ‘romances’ itself with its roller coaster ride and finding the man of her dreams kind-of-stuff. She’ll be making this one a sure hit. Derek has his natural charm on the other hand, embodied with a hunky attitude and style.

These are great stuff coming your way under the spicy but tough director himself, Wenn Deramas. Don’t forget to watch it guys! 😉

Derek Ramsey Doesn’t Believe in Marriage, But Angelica Panganiban Does

Derek Ramsey is such a cool guy and a silent romantic, though it seems that he has something in his sleeves that may undo what he is about for Angelica Panganiban. Derek said in an interview with SNN that he actually doesn’t believe in marriage.

To note, Angelica does believe in marriage and she laughingly admitted that she knows Derek’s take regarding this one. An irony you may think, but you could read between the lines why they may have another issue to answer about their rumored break-up.

Derek Ramsey Doesn\'t Believe in Marriage, Angelica Panganiban Does

In fairness to Derek, he is however willing to exchange vows with someone who believes marriage as a sign of respect. He is actually much more into believing the reason of being together than just being ceremonially tied.

When asked if he sees himself getting married to Angelica, his answer was kind of pertaining more to their much conflicting schedules leaving them not much time for each other. He also mentioned about their individual things to do or aspirations still wanting to achieve.

Wondering what Angelica answered in reaction to Derek’s statements? Maybe you guessed it right. She laughed about it. Then she tells how someone else might someday make him a marriage-believer. And in turn, she might find someone who can marry her too. However, she also noted that if they’ll be that someone to each other then everybody would end up happier.

Remember the saying, ‘if you really love someone, then you should be willing to let go. And if he returned, then you’re meant for each other in the end.’ It sounds like they’re about to break-up right? Fortunately, they’re still pretty much happy with each other… just without the knot. 😉