Robin Padilla Sees Dead People In “Sundo”

The first local horror flick of the year is now on it’s opening day, “Sundo” starring Robin Padilla in all his gutsiness together with Rhian Ramos, Katrina Halili, Mark Bautista, Hero Angeles and Sunshine Dizon. This one’s from the makers of Box-Office hit thriller “Ouija.”

Robin portrays here Romano who was ambushed together with his men during a military operation. He luckily survived but put into a comma. He eventually recovered and woke up and had his good sense of life, though he began to notice something supernatural has been added to his senses.  He now sees dead people who fetch the soul of their love ones just before they have their tragic death.

Sundo: Robin Padilla, Rhian Ramos, Katrina Halili and Sunshine Dizon

Definitely, there’ll be something bigger in the story enough to scare you to your seats. And twists that’ll make you smile too, but for sure you’ll love the suspense Director Topel Lee have put into it.

Sometimes, folklore always had this hair-raising effect even though you’re just beginning to listen to its story. How much more when you watch it! 😉

Eraserheads “The Final Set” Concert Also Pays Tribute To Francis Magalona

Last Saturday, March 7th Eraserheads performed their last “The Final Set” concert at SM Mall of Asia grounds. Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Sabala and Marcus Adoro were immortalized and will never be again seen together on stage.

Eraserheads: The Final Set Concert
E-Heads fans came in around 100,000 to watch them play their legendary music together once more as a patch-up for their botched reunion concert last year in August due to Ely Buendia’s heart failure in the middle of their act.

Eraserheads: August 30, 2009 Reunion Concert

Eraserheads, known as the “Beatles of the Philippines” gave a strong musical and cultural statement back there… and even paid tribute to the “Master Rapper” Francis Magalona. Francis supposed to make an entrance rapping at the end of their song ‘Superproxy’, however he died the day before the concert.

Ely did have some qualms after Francis died, especially about his health. They both had their health battles last year and even have a more defined life, as “a ticking time bomb” for Ely and “borrowed time” for Francis, though he had let go now of his “borrowed time.”

Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona Interview

Both of them came out as great persons to even inspire other people who also have sickness or illnesses they’ve been going through. They actually came up with “The Sickos” album, a project that right now is in the hands of Ely Buendia to push through. Francis may seem to have just made it halfway, but his voice, heart and compassion for his fellow artist and countrymen have gone in full throttle enough to fuel his undying cost.

The Sickos Project

The Sickos” project proceeds is said to be a primer fund for a foundation for sick people in the music and entertainment industry they’ve pulled together. It doesn’t have a release date yet. But watch out!

Francis Magalona’s Funeral at Christ The King Chapel

Francis Magalona died yesterday, March 6 at the age of 44 and his remains lie down at the Christ the King Chapel in Quezon City. It will be open for public viewing from 6am to 6pm starting today until Tuesday next week.

Francis Magalona Dog Tag: Died at the age of 44

The Entertainment and Music industry lost another icon but he will always be a visionary legend. His works, compositions, music, ideals and heart for the country will forever remain. He’s known as the Master Rapper, King of Pinoy Rap, The Man from Manila, Francis M., Kiko and someone who is ‘always present’ to his friends and family.

Francis Magalona: Before his 4th Chemo Cycle

He actually fought leukemia as he fought life’s legendary battle… bold, strong, passionate and with so much heart and energy.

Francis Magalona: The Man Of The 3 Stars & A Sun

To Francis Magalona, the Man Of The 3 Stars & A Sun… your life will remain a symbol of vigor and hope, of zest and passion!

Check out Francis Magalona’s website or Francis’ A Free Mind in Multiply.Com.