Toni, Mariel and Bianca Comes Back As Pinoy Big Brother Hosts

On the press conference of the new season of Pinoy Big Brother (Double Up), hosts Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzales were announced to come back as hosts for the said show.

The three hosts expressed their happiness and gratitude to ABS-CBN management and director Loren Diyogi, who on the other hand said that he haven’t thought of changing the three talented hosts. Mariel Rodriguez was overwhelmed and even cried as she thanked the people behind the PBB’s new season.

The management made a good choice in bringing back the hosts to the show. They all do well in their craft. The PBB’s new season will be absolutely exciting, not to mention hot and spicy. 😉

Richard Gomez Comes Back With Family Feud Season 3 This October

TV actor/host Richard Gomez confirmed last week that Family Feud’s third season will hit your TV screens this October. According to Gomez he is very excited with the show’s comeback. And said he is hopeful that the show will regain its rating in the past.

Major changes and reconfigurations were made to give the set for this season a “new look”. Richard also mentioned that this new season will open auditions for families residing outside Metro Manila. Future auditions will be announced after its first airing.

Family Feud has been one of the tops ratings in its previous years. So everyone’s expecting something bigger from the show’s third installment.