Charice Pempengco Releases 2nd Album “My Inspiration”

Charice Pempengco really inspires a lot of people with her moving and gripping all-powerful voice. With her second album “My Inspiration” you’ll wonder no longer why. At the last track she sings along with her Mommy Racquel, her inspiration that everything in her life right now seems all falling to its rightful place.

Charice Pempengco Releases 2nd Album \

This CD release is under Star Records. Tracks include Charice’s original carrier single, “Always You.” The other songs are “Wind Beneath My Wings,” “I’ll Be There,” “Mama,” “For Mama,” “You’ll Never Stand Alone,” “You Raised Me Up,” “Through The Years,” “In My Life” and “You & Me Against The World” (with Charice’s Mommy Raquel).

You can follow Charice this Saturday, May 2, on Wowowee, E-Live and at Sky Gardens AmpiTheater in SM North EDSA by 5pm that includes autograph signing after the event. This Sunday on May 3, Charice will be with The Buzz. Don’t forget to buy her CDs first! 😉

Willie Revillame Named No. 1 Most Powerful Celebrity

Wowowee host, Willie Revillame is named No. 1 Most Powerful Celerity for the past 14 months by Yes! Magazine. They actually featured 50 showbiz personalities but Willie emerged to be the top guy.

He’s an influential person, indemand and a best-selling figure to Yes! Magazine having their last cover for Willie in their issue sold out more than 250,000 copies and they’re still reprinting. You can recall that a few weeks ago Willie is also featured and interviewed back with Showbiz News Ngayon. He had an undeniable worth of a fortune yacht, real estate properties and cars. He is said to remain as a flagship celebrity host of ABS-CBN Kapamilya and earning a million a day.

Willie Revillame Named No. 1 Most Powerful Celebrity

When interviewed through SNN, he expressed gratitude and somehow flattered that a category as ‘Most Powerful’ ever existed. He clarified that his only power if there would be any is about his ability to make people happy. And about the million a day, he doesn’t think so ABS-CBN would actually pay him that much for being a host.

Maybe not just ABS-CBN but the endorsements he’s getting. You can imagine Willie ‘clipping his lips‘ to all these and wanting to put his feet still on the ground but in terms of cash, he is much liquid. Not to mention he’s recently rumored to have a 9-digit figure offer to campaign for 2010 presidential bet Manny Villar. Of course, it remains a rumor until proven otherwise. 😉

Pinoy Fear Factor Janna Dominguez Has A Rich Benefactor?

Janna Dominguez a host, actress and comedienne was recently rumored to have a rich benefactor because she’s seen having at least 2 cars! Who can blame her if she’s young, sexy and pretty hot! 😉

Pinoy Fear Factor Janna Dominguez Hot

During the Fear Factor days, she was featured having a poor family wanting her dad in Japan to stop working and bring him here in the Philippines. When interviewed in SNN, she clarified it was their situation then, but no longer now. She strived for 5 years already making herself versatile, doing comedy gigs and even into drama soaps just to be where she is now.

However, an instance was noted when she drove a car one morning to go to her regular show ‘Parekoy’ and another car seen being delivered at the studio later in the afternoon. Puzzling, they say for her to have such that they came up with the rumor that a rich guy may be behind in all these.

Janna further clears it up that she’s the one who asked for the delivery from Toyota because she can’t pick it up at their gallery. It turned out that she really planned on buying one for the past two years and finally got it now also as a gift for herself. The car she drove in the morning was her stepmom’s.

Janna Dominguez And Jose Sarasola

She also answers the issue if there’s a rich benefactor in which she completely denied. Janna expressed one more time that she’s having a romantic inclination towards Jose Sarasola, also one of Pinoy Fear Factor Participante.

Toni Gonzaga Hosts GAME KNB?!

Have you seen Toni Gonzaga hosts Pilipinas Game K N B? She’s stunning and really a head turner on her white tube-skirt dress… however they call it… =)

She substituted for Chairman Edu Manzano together with Brod Pit to do the opening introductions. Toni got real talent in hosting and a sure way of getting the game show’s momentum going.

Does ABS CBN have any plans of getting this hot gal on a permanent game show of her own? Let’s watch out! =)

Aiza Seguerra Is The 2nd Celebrity Millionaire For ‘The Singing Bee’!

It seems like there’s gonna be a millionaire each week now on this sizzling singing game show. The first millionaire is a non-celebrity actually but the stakes are definitely high for these celebrities cause singing is their job! Not to mention that after winning the million, you can still comeback the day after to defend your title and get the chance to get your second million!

If Rachel didn’t have a concert in Abu Dhabi, definitely she’ll sweep it up again! They’re good at what they do and it’s pleasing and entertaining to see them win these game shows.