Derek Ramsey Doesn’t Believe in Marriage, But Angelica Panganiban Does

Derek Ramsey is such a cool guy and a silent romantic, though it seems that he has something in his sleeves that may undo what he is about for Angelica Panganiban. Derek said in an interview with SNN that he actually doesn’t believe in marriage.

To note, Angelica does believe in marriage and she laughingly admitted that she knows Derek’s take regarding this one. An irony you may think, but you could read between the lines why they may have another issue to answer about their rumored break-up.

Derek Ramsey Doesn\'t Believe in Marriage, Angelica Panganiban Does

In fairness to Derek, he is however willing to exchange vows with someone who believes marriage as a sign of respect. He is actually much more into believing the reason of being together than just being ceremonially tied.

When asked if he sees himself getting married to Angelica, his answer was kind of pertaining more to their much conflicting schedules leaving them not much time for each other. He also mentioned about their individual things to do or aspirations still wanting to achieve.

Wondering what Angelica answered in reaction to Derek’s statements? Maybe you guessed it right. She laughed about it. Then she tells how someone else might someday make him a marriage-believer. And in turn, she might find someone who can marry her too. However, she also noted that if they’ll be that someone to each other then everybody would end up happier.

Remember the saying, ‘if you really love someone, then you should be willing to let go. And if he returned, then you’re meant for each other in the end.’ It sounds like they’re about to break-up right? Fortunately, they’re still pretty much happy with each other… just without the knot. 😉

Angelica Panganiban And Derek Ramsey On To Their Next Level

Rumor has it that Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsey have just broken-up. But as shown in an interview with Angelica in SNN, it was in contrast in fact they’re going on a next level in their relationship.

It’s not yet about tying the knot, but a sort of deepened understanding of who they are, what they are and what they do to and for each other within the three years of their relationship. Angelica appreciated Derek for his public announcement of affection to her during interviews. This one does not just make her smile but sweep her away as well.

Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsey On To Their Next Level

Derek is not really a vocal guy or someone expressive when they’re together but manage to drop off these little sweet nothings publicly. You really have to give it to Mr. Ramsey… it’s not just cool but really cute. 😉

As for Angelica’s hospitalization the last time, she’s fully recovered of her dysmenorrhea. Actually, she just spent a day and followed it up right away with a vacation.

Though, she’s just a bit of under observation this time because of her appendicitis. If she’ll be experiencing any vomiting she may go through an operation soon.

Pops Fernandez Ends Issue Between Jomari And Martin

Pops Fernandez just got back from Bohol and she’s back again with SNN last night answering questions and issues regarding her ‘break-up’ plus a mouthful exchange of frustrations between Martin Nievera and Jomari Yllana.

Pops actually went to Eskaya, Bohol with friends Gretchen Baretto and Bebe Gandanghari to somehow relieve herself from the hurts she’s going through. She’s in the process of healing the pain and really doesn’t want to make it a bigger issue.

Pops Fernandez Ends Issue Between Jomari and Martin

Some people did text her about Jom and Martin while she’s in Bohol and she’s ‘shocked’ by the turn of events. Pops took Martin’s reaction as someone who cares for her as a friend. While she doesn’t want Jom and Martin to have much conflict, because she believes that they had a very good working relationship then and that it should end in the same way.

When asked if she’s hoping or kind of ready for a next relationship, Pops replied “it will take a while to be in love again.” Respect and time for healing isn’t really too much to ask. 😉

Jomari Yllana Sums Up Martin Nievera As ‘Immature’ Concerning Pops Fernandez

The Jomari Yllana and Pops Fernandez break-up really made it through the headlines. Especially when Martin expressed some of his own share of sentiments and sympathies to Pops and his frustration to Jomari. Though, it won’t be put aside easily when Jom finally broke his silence and hurled his disappointments to Martin in return.

It was noted early last week in an interview with SNN that Martin Nievera wouldn’t even want to work with Jomari anymore because of what turned out with his Break-up with Pops. Last Friday, Jomari decided to have an interview done with Anjo Yllana’s new program Cool Center back in GMA 7. And Jom really wants to hold his tongue as much but opt to unleash it anyway.

Jomari Yllana And Martin Nievera Concerning Pops Fernandez

Jom actually pointed out many delicate points. One, they (Pops and Jom) already had a 3 hour talk, Monday of last week to make amends and settle to remain friends. This fact would then make Martin meddle too much because it’s not his concern supposedly in the first place. Jom even stated that he stayed away from being involved back when Martin and Pops were having conflicts.

Two, Jom reacted about Martin not wanting to work with him anymore just by giving Martin his prerogative over it. As far as he is concerned, he made sure everything’s well for both of them, Martin and Pops with his recently produced concert, even making them the ‘highest-paid concert local entertainers to date.’

Three, Jom really got personal this time imagining Martin sort of saving face at his expense. It may not be a question of who actually hurt Pops more but who didn’t (though, it may be interesting to ask the first question 😉 ).

“I maybe wrong, but if you have unresolved guilt within you, please refrain from using my situation with Pops para lang magmukha kang malinis sa mata ng tao.” Jom added.

“Now, Mr. Nievera, please bear in mind that you did not lose Pops because of me, you lost Pops because of you and who you are. And now, you are doing it again, by being immature.”

Does it mean Martin’s trying to win Pops back? It may be a sign of self-redemption on Martin’s act or as hopeful as their fans or close friends would like to believe, it might also be a crazy realization of falling the second time around. 😉

Jomari also clarified about Maui Taylor as the ‘third party’ between his break-up with Pops. They’re just friends and happens also to be a friend of Maui’s boyfriend.

Martin Nievera actually got to react last weekend through The Buzz and decided to stay away from the break-up issue and even have been sorry to what may have transpired. He is cool now with the two making their own way of dealing with the issue. He didn’t know about the ‘three hour talk’ then and Pops seems to be clueless about the reason behind their break-up back in her interview with Boy Abunda.

Pops Fernandez And Jomari Yllana Break-Up: It Wasn’t Money Or A Third Party

After more than 3 years of mutual respect and love that Pops Fernandez and Jomari Yllana shared, it was ended up. Jomari chose to break-up with Pops and in words he said it’s because of their irreconcilable differences.

Pops actually had a good, heartfelt interview with Boy Abunda at SNN. Asked if it’s about money or a third party having a red hand on their break-up, Pops clarified she knew Jomari enough to believe it was neither.

Pops Fernandez And Jomari Yllana Break-Up

They had more good times than bad times and their misunderstanding usually don’t last so long. This was so far their worst time and it seems like an irrevocable one at least romantically.

Martin Nievera had his say about the issue and it affected him much to a point of expressing his disappointment and dislike now with Jomari. Both Councilor Aiko Melendez and Ara Mina, Jom’s former relationships have nothing to comment except to bid the two a much hopeful reconciliation even as friends.

Just this morning, Pops together with Gretchen Baretto and Bebe Gandang Hari took a trip out of Manila. They’ll be having ‘girl-bonding’ at Eskaya, Bohol to “enjoy life!” as Gretchen puts it. Both of them has nothing against Jomari cause such things really happens as they comment on the issue. And Bebe can’t agree more, “change is good.” 😉