The Ryan and Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo Wedding in Batangas

After a long wait of engagement, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo finally tied the knot under a holy matrimony of marriage just this 6:30am in the morning at San Juan, Batangas. This one’s a private wedding just as these celebrity couples planned it.

The Ryan and Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo Wedding in Batangas

Judy Ann’s a fairy bride to behold as they say. Everybody’s happy and her lola crying as they gaze upon her. Actually, Juday just can’t help it but to cry as well. Ryan on the other end is just full of anticipation and gladness with his pretty wide smile.

Sharon Cuneta walked down the aisle as Judy Ann’s Maid of Honor. While Ryan’s brother took the place as the Best Man. The wedding singers were Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid, with Agot Isidro singing while they march down through the aisle.

A breakfast reception took place right after in a local resort, then a second reception that would be held also in Batangas for guests coming from Manila.

Their much-anticipated wedding was rumored then to happen early May, but somehow turned out to be a bit earlier. But at the end of the day, what we have is a very loving couple that’s destined to be with each other for the rest of their years. Congrats! 😉

Ryan Agoncillo on Pieta

Ryan Agoncillo has a very good spot in the remake of the film Pieta on the next teleserye in ABS CBN. It’ll gonna roll out beginning this October 27 right after Wowowee.

Ryan has artistry, complexity in personality and has enough charm to portray the lead role. Ace Vergel originally portrayed pieta, and Ryan will pretty much put justice if not bring new life to the prodigal son story.

Cherie Gil gets to remarkably play Ryan’s mother in the story, which was epically portrayed before by the late Charito Solis.

Pieta is a sure classic fire to watch out, inspiring that will not only move you but also interestingly make you rethink with how love can resurrect life itself. 😥

Robin Padilla Needs To Apologize To Judy Ann Santos

In a recent presscon of Robin Padilla with his newest film, “Sundo” he jokingly said that Judy Ann should be married to Ryan Agoncillo before they get themselves together in a movie or else he’ll kidnap Juday.

Judy Ann was a bit annoyed by the statement though calm about his joke. She just want Robin to retract the statement because she admittedly didn’t like it because some people may not interpret it as a funny comment.

Ryan on the other hand didn’t take the matter seriously. Though Judy Ann just want the issue to be over.

Robin in another statement said that he really never meant to offend Judy Ann and plans to apologize to her personally.

Judy Ann Santos right now is also promoting her movie, “Kulam.”