Robi Playing Love Triangle With YONIC

Robi Playing Love Triangle With YONIC

ABS CBN never ceases to amaze us of what they have in store for us. Could it be a chance for Robi Domingo, our ex-teen housemate to fish out Nicole from Josef?

Robi will do the part of Vincent in My Girl! And he will be playing love triangle with Josef and Nicole. This will be his first job with ABS and surprisingly… he’s not actually on the lookout for Nicole outside the set. Instead, he could be trying to pry Kim… oops. What could be the reaction of Gerald here?

There’ll be lots of twist here… so we better watch out for more! =)

But you know what, Robi is quite a YONIC fan, too… and ROBIKIM is not a bad tandem at all. =)

The YONIC Prevailed After All!

The YONIC Prevailed After All!

So here you go for the final verdict of who’s the winning pair. Josef Elizalde and Nicole Uysiuseng (YONIC) got a better love pair than Nicole and Robby (ROBICOLE).

They’re getting easy step by step in terms of their love story… beginning as usual as friends. Josef is right when he’s been interviewed back in ABS CBN. At their age right now, it’ll be wiser cause they have a lot of great showbiz work ahead of them. Though relationship may be a good inspiration at it’s best! =)

Kudos to both of you and to your first debut on My Girl!

Calvin Chen and Wu Chun: Taiwanese heartthrobs!

Another avalanche of ‘chinito’ heartthrobs!

What a surprise they made last gala night of the Pinoy Dream Academy. Wu Chun and Calvin Chen sang in Taiwanese even though the fans didn’t understand a thing they’re singing. But who needs to understand anyway when everybody’s mesmerized with their enchanting presence up there at the stage.

These guys are definitely hot! They have to get this going on with a mall tour!

Checkout their presscon too at

Kim Chiu Has Nothing To Worry With Nicole Uysiuseng

Kim Chiu Has Nothing To Worry With Nicole Uysiuseng

Definitely, My Girl Kim Chiu’s fans would be surprised of the upcoming appearance of the recent Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Third Teen Placer Nicole Uysiuseng to the ABS CBN’s first Koreanovela. Nicole will play the part of Hannah, Julian’s long lost cousin that they’re searching for.

Some thought that there’d be some sort of indifference between them. But it turned out that Kim is such a friendly gal after all. They like to have a new barkada on board and it seems that they’ve came along well when they’ve found out that they’re just practically neighbors back in Cebu… to add more that chinitas and Cebuanas has a really good mix!