Rachel Gabreza and Justin Francis Ends Their Journey on “Are You The Next Big Star?”

GMA-7’s ‘Are You The Next Big Star?’ got the talents they’re looking for now that they are down to 14 contestants with 7 boys and 7 girls left on the grand stage. Rachel Gabreza, the 17 years old girl from Cebu and Justin Francis, 19 of age from California, USA had just ended their journey on fighting their way out on becoming the Next Big Star.

Rachel Gabreza and Justin Francis Ends Their Journey on \"Are You The Next Big Star?\"

The judges announced their bottom 3 first during the night namely: Anton Cruz, Justin Francis and Greggy Santos for the boys; and Shane Tarun, Rachel Gabreza and Cara Quiapos for the girls. Not that they’re not talented but as Randy Santiago pointed out, they somehow fell short on one or two of the qualities that the judges were looking for, which were stage presence, confidence and their overall impact on stage.

From the bottom three, 2 of them got the chance to continue on their quest as picked by the judges. They were Cara Quiapos and Greggy Santos. With two contestants for both girls and boys left to be saved through text votes, Shane Tarun and Anton Cruz got the better hand that resulted for Rachel and Justin to face the end of their quest.

Now that they’re down to 14, the big question that still remains for each one of them is “Are You The Next Big Star?” Get to watch out for it! 😉

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