Niña Jose Is Annika In My Girl!

So it was Niña Jose, the ex-housemate in Pinoy Big Brother teen edition who plays Annika. If you’ll just look at her character in My Girl you’ll be irritated by her desperation… or much fitted term would be obsession to Julian. Though it’s a good ingredient in the story to have that kind of character.

Niña can have her own shots actually even outside My Girl… I guess. She’s pretty, smart, and definitely hot! Her ex-boyfriend wants to get her back. Not to mention the other guys who were obsessed with her in turn. Feature writer Napoleon Quintos back in ABS CBN also wrote Niña is also planning to get the Bb. Pilipinas 2009 title next year!

My Girl gave her a debut on television and that will be snowballing on the coming days, weeks and months. It’s just because people do have a good eye for this sexy, young and very promising actress! =)

One thought on “Niña Jose Is Annika In My Girl!”

  1. kayo ba ni enchong dee? kasi super bagay kayo lalo na ung nasa my only hope kayo super grabe bagay tlga kao pero kung hindi naman kayo at ng ex housemate mo sa pbb what is her name nga pala kasi i already forgot na eh!

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