Kristine Hermosa Sees Ghosts in “Nasaan Ka Maruja?”

Kristine Hermosa’s come back soap, “Nasaan Ka Maruja?” is a Mars Ravelo classic that will premier this May 2. It will follow the Komiks series and bring a suspense thriller genre on your TV screens.

Kristine Hermosa Stars in Nasaan Ka Maruja?

It’s a story about Maruja, a magazine columnist played by Kristine herself who has a third eye that allows her to see ghosts. She would eventually help these spirits to find justice and give them their long-sought peaceful rest.

Definitely it has a romantic touch to it and that plays well with Pinoy hunk Derek Ramsey. He’s getting some good roles nowadays and this is one of them.

Kristine Hermosa Teams Up With Derek Ramsey in Nasaan Ka Maruja?

Other cast includes John Estrada, Rey PJ Abellana, Enchong Dee, Kitkat, Karylle, Melissa Mendez and Ms. Gloria Romero.

Kristine Hermosa is very pretty in here and it’s always a pleasure to see her on screen. The last series she did for ABS-CBN was “Prinsesa ng Banyera.”

One thought on “Kristine Hermosa Sees Ghosts in “Nasaan Ka Maruja?””

  1. my message with my best friend tin tin, and my echo, that I cant not any longer waiting your next soap opera, with echo, and I will write the manager of the ABS-CBN, that why did not start also your others project at all and I do believe this coming of your project will give you a also a 100% Vote to you, because it was nice this your komiks because it like the ghosts wishpers. and I do believe that your funs and friends
    in others nation will all happy to see you again and they will have your more support at all your project but my wish that I hope that you and echo will have a second chance to try again your friendships to make to the next level , because you are destiny in the heaven and earth, your are soul mate, and I have a stronger power that the love of the magic are stell theren in your heart and soul. just you have to believe because you have a an angel in the heaven was always in your side, and also was walking with you every of your life.of love will still stays there in your heart and soul. echo and tintin. just believe it because you have a angel in heaven that always in your side that you have to communicate with them, and all your dreams and wisher will all
    come true…
    tintin and echo, good luck, and being stronger in your teamwork, you will see the answear was you looking for so long was only in your heart and soul..
    we all support you two 100%.
    fr your friend NSW..

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