Iskul Bukol: 20 Years After

The return of Vic Ungasis and Escalera Brothers will surely give you the classic 80’s jerks that won’t leave you bored, instead would try to make you rock in laughter. Though, they’ll definitely put a different twist this time. Making it a bit more adventurous and have some out of the classroom scenes.

It’s like a reunion of their original casting with the likes of Miss Tapia, Bibeth, Tonette Macho and even Richie D’ Horsie. The TVJ (Tito, Vic and Joey) trio, of course will lead the rest of the pack. And it’s pretty interesting to know that the former beauty queen, Carlene Aguilar will spice up the cast, too. 😎

Iskul Bukol is forecast to score four movies to hit the Metro Manila Film Festival in the next coming years. Then they may return to “Enteng Kabisote” movie sequels after. It’ll be a treat to both kids and the 70’s and 80’s kids! 😆

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  1. Iskul Bukol:20 Years After Confirmed Casts-

    * Tito Sotto as Tito Escalera
    * Vic Sotto as Vic Ungasis
    * Joey de Leon as Joey Escalera
    * Mely Tagasa as Miss Tapia
    * Ryan Agoncillo as Cambodian Tour Guide
    * Keempee de Leon as Joey Escalera’s Son
    * Pauleen Luna
    * Mark Herras
    * Dennis Trillo
    * Gian Sotto as Tito Escalera’s Son
    * Oyo Sotto as Vic Ungasis’ Son
    * Jimmy Santos as Big J
    * Jose Manalo
    * Anthony Roquel as Tonette Macho
    * Francine Prieto
    * Gardo Versoza
    * Bianca King
    * Jong Hilario
    * Krista Ranillo
    * Benjie Paras
    * Joko Diaz
    * Nicole Uysusieng
    * Mykah
    * Val Sotto
    * Richie D’Horsie as Richie
    * Kaye Torres
    * Robert Villar
    * Redford White as Redford
    * Bibeth Orteza as Bibeth
    * Carlene Aguilar as Vic Ungasis’s love interest
    * Wally Bayola
    * Joonee Gamboa
    * Jackie Woo
    * Derek Dee
    * Leo Martinez
    * Levi Ignacio
    * Mary Massab
    * EB Babes
    * Ethel Booba
    * Raphael Martinez
    * Boy Roque
    * JB Magsaysay
    * Danny Labra
    * Patani Daño
    * Kiko Rustia

    Special Participation in the Movie

    * Sharon Cuneta as Sharon Escalera
    * Sen. Bong Revilla
    * Manny Pacquiao
    * Lorna Tolentino
    * Annabelle Rama
    * Robin Padilla

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