‘Direk’ Paul Soriano And Toni Gonzaga Settling Down? Not So Soon…

Actress, singer and TV host Toni Gonzaga and director Paul Soriano have been an item for only a year, but they’re already setting their sights on settling down–not soon, but eventually.

In separate interviews with The Buzz, both Toni and Paul expressed their desire for their present relationship to culminate in marriage, even as they revealed the gifts they exchanged to mark their first year anniversary.

Paul said he gave Toni a Tempur-pillow–it’s a pillow made from high-tech “memory foam” that was once developed by NASA for its astronauts. Basically, pillows and mattresses made from memory foam mould themselves to the shape of the body or object placed on it. As a result, there’s less pressure to the user who will sleep very well on the memory foam.

He must really want Toni to have very sound sleep wherever she goes–after all, she’s one of the busiest ABS-CBN talents with tapings and shows that last well into the early morning hours.

Toni on the other hand gave Paul a scrapbook filled with magazine clippings and other odds and ends that are souvenirs of the most memorable moments of their relationship in the past year.

The lovers only had good words about each other during their interviews. Toni described Paul as ’sweet. Marami syang ginagawa na unexpected”. Paul on the other hand said that he appreciates Toni’s efforts to see him despite her busy schedule.

“She finds ways to make time for me, for dinner, coffee, hang out,” he said.

Paul also said that their shared Christian faith is a big help in keeping their relationship strong, despite the issues and intrigues local showbiz throws at them.

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