Regine Velasquez Is Kim Samsoon

Most singers nowadays are getting into movies and TV soaps quite well. Sometimes, you don’t know if you like them because they sing great or rather they are pretty hot on screen.

Though on most occasions Regine would be your glorious singing bird in your room and someone who’ll touch your heart with her warm acting, in Kim Samsoon she’ll make your heart laugh out.

There’s so much in this lady that makes her so hot! With a fat outfit she can drive you nuts even. I guess Regine has a way to each one’s heart.

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“Pinoy Idol” versus “Pinoy Dream Academy 2”

“Pinoy Idol” versus “Pinoy Dream Academy 2”

GMA 7’s “Pinoy Idol” talent search chose its final 12 “best bets,” while ABS-CBN 2’s “Pinoy Dream Academy” declared their new 16 singing star “scholars” last June 15, 2008.