Shane Tarun and Anton Cruz Stalled On Their Dream to be The Next Big Star

“Are You The Next Big Star?” Circle of 16 is now down to 12 as another pair of talents got picked out by the judges to leave the talent search this early in the competition. Shane Tarun, 16 yrs old from Isabela and Anton Cruz, also 16 from Novaliches, QC sort of failed to hit the mark to at least save them from the judges’ bottom list.

Shane Tarun and Anton Cruz Stalled On Their Dream to be The Next Big Star

Shane and Anton were part of the bottom six last week, though now they’re together with Christine Allado, Alexa Ortega, PJ Gonzales and the old timer bottom 3 last week Greggy Santos. Greggy actually gave a very charming impression on his performance but still not enough to get himself out from the under cards. Cara Quiapos on the other hand, pulled it off to get herself not just out of the girls’ bottom 3 list last week but even gave the best performance as noted by the judges.

Right now, the 2 boys and 2 girls that remain on the bottom list are still not safe to continue on the contest for next week. However, two of them will surely have the chance to get back on their feet and push through. The good thing is you have a chance to vote for your favorite Next Big Star.

You can text via the following format and send to 2344 for Globe, TM and Sun Cellular subscribers; and to 367 for Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers.

To vote for Christine Allado text: NBS Christine
To vote for Alexa Ortega text: NBS Alexa
To vote for PJ Gonzales text: NBS PJ
To vote for Greggy Santos text: NBS Greggy

Your votes will weigh much together with the judges’ votes. SMS votes will be accepted until Tuesday this week, July 14 at exactly 12 noon. So you better get your hands on your cellphones now to save who you want to be the Next Big Star! 😉

Marian Rivera And The Full Cast Of GMA-7’s 2009 Remake of Darna

The full cast of GMA-7’s much-awaited remake of the primetime series Darna this 2009 was announced in a story conference held last July 1 at the GMA Network Center. It could be noted that it was even last May that GMA Kapuso had announced Marian Rivera as to portray the lead role of Darna.

Marian Rivera And The Full Cast Of GMA-7\'s 2009 Remake of Darna

Here’s the list of the cast:

Marian Rivera as Darna and her alter ego Narda
Mark Anthony Fernandez as Efren
Iwa Moto as Valentina
Buboy Villar as Ding
Rita Avila and Jestoni Alarcon as Narda’s parents

Nadine Samonte, Isabel Oli, and Ehra Madrigal as Darna’s other villainess
Janice de Belen as Valentina’s mother
Paolo Contis as Valentina’s father
Celia Rodriguez as orphanage director

Other members of the cast include Alfred Vargas, Angel Aquino, Bearwin Meily, Margaret Wilson, Caridad Sanchez, Gabby Eigenmann, and Roxanne Barcelo. This series will take on the title ‘NARDA’ and is being helmed by Dominic Zapata and Don Michael Perez, which will take off by August this year.

The photo above is from GMA-7’s pictorial and have said that the real costume will be witnessed on the actual series. Watch out for Darna as she flies off in her new suit! 😉

Rachel Gabreza and Justin Francis Ends Their Journey on “Are You The Next Big Star?”

GMA-7’s ‘Are You The Next Big Star?’ got the talents they’re looking for now that they are down to 14 contestants with 7 boys and 7 girls left on the grand stage. Rachel Gabreza, the 17 years old girl from Cebu and Justin Francis, 19 of age from California, USA had just ended their journey on fighting their way out on becoming the Next Big Star.

Rachel Gabreza and Justin Francis Ends Their Journey on \"Are You The Next Big Star?\"

The judges announced their bottom 3 first during the night namely: Anton Cruz, Justin Francis and Greggy Santos for the boys; and Shane Tarun, Rachel Gabreza and Cara Quiapos for the girls. Not that they’re not talented but as Randy Santiago pointed out, they somehow fell short on one or two of the qualities that the judges were looking for, which were stage presence, confidence and their overall impact on stage.

From the bottom three, 2 of them got the chance to continue on their quest as picked by the judges. They were Cara Quiapos and Greggy Santos. With two contestants for both girls and boys left to be saved through text votes, Shane Tarun and Anton Cruz got the better hand that resulted for Rachel and Justin to face the end of their quest.

Now that they’re down to 14, the big question that still remains for each one of them is “Are You The Next Big Star?” Get to watch out for it! 😉

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal Make GMA-7’s “All My Life” Bigger Than Life!

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal did a very astounding performance in their noontime show with GMA-7’s ‘Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?’ and right now they’re taking the primetime block by storm with their newest soap ‘All My Life!’

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal Make GMA-7\'s \"All My Life\" Bigger Than Life!

Aljur plays Jules Romualdez and Kris as Romina Estrella. Lani Mercado takes the role of Aljur’s mom Marita Romualdez while Gelli de Belen as Kris’ mom Amelia Estrella. Zoren Legaspi, Jay Manalo, Manilyn Reynes, LJ Reyes, Paulo Avelino, Gladys Guevarra, Jay Aquitania, Jade Lopez, Stef Prescott, together with Bryan Termulo, Chris Cayzer, Moymoy Palaboy, Byron Ortile, and Martin delos Santos also comprised the star-studded cast of ‘All My Life.’

Mesmerizing as Aljur and Kris are together, the story that they play around with is also pretty much captivating in a sense that you’ll feel your heart also pounding, not with the ‘hate stuff’ that usually runs with rival families in which the main characters or lovers find themselves sneaking over each others’ fences or helplessly torn apart. But instead, it’s heartwarming to be swept away by how they’ve been separated in life just through the difficult tragedies that both their families have to go through in mutual acceptance, then how their lives evolved apart growing up and eventually how they’ve crossed paths again.

Some call it magic or some may say it’s simply fate, however these dubbed royal couples just make it on your TV screens seems to be bigger than life. Watch out for it every week nights after GMA’s 24 Oras. 😉

GMA-7’s “Are You The Next Big Star?” Circle Of 16

GMA-7 Kapuso network had a bang announcing the “Are You The Next Big Star?” Circle of 16. Regine Velasquez was ever more stunning of course presenting the 8 girls and 8 boys that will be competing for the next 10 weeks.


Here’s the AYTNBS Top 16 Contestants:

Jay Perillo, 20 – Manila
Camille Cortez, 19 – Antipolo
PJ Gonzalez, 18 – Pasay
Alex Castro, 23 – Bulacan
Alexa Ortega, 19 – Quezon City
Cara Quiapos, 17 – Batangas
Franchescka Farr, 16 – Las Piñas
Anton Cruz, 16 – Quezon City
Shane Tarun, 16 – Isabela
Geoff Taylor, 23 – Cagayan
Rachel Gabreza, 16 – Cebu
Justin Francis, 19 – San Francisco, California
Zyrene Parsad, 23 – Las Piñas
Greggy Santos, 22 – Quezon City
Bobby Solomon, 16 – Manila
Christine Allado, 18 – Quezon City

At the end of the quest as the Next Big Star, 1 girl and 1 boy will be chosen and will win 1 million pesos prize, a GMA exclusive management and recording contract and a condominium unit from Avida Land. So watch out as they answer the ultimate question, Are You The Next Big Star? 😉