Charlie Green About To Sign A Deal With Star Records!

Now you can see how ABS CBN really wants to get a first hold of our half-brit ‘kababayan’ (fellow countrymen) singing sensation. Who wouldn’t, when somebody else in the international spotlight got the first recording with You Tube phenomenon Charice Pempengco. It’s better at least to have them back here, of course to be close with their beloved ‘kapamilya.’ =)

Charlie is only 10 now and he’s totally natural in talent and charm. They say even Simon Cowell of American Idol got himself surprised and thrilled with this little star! =)

Toni Gonzaga Hosts GAME KNB?!

Have you seen Toni Gonzaga hosts Pilipinas Game K N B? She’s stunning and really a head turner on her white tube-skirt dress… however they call it… =)

She substituted for Chairman Edu Manzano together with Brod Pit to do the opening introductions. Toni got real talent in hosting and a sure way of getting the game show’s momentum going.

Does ABS CBN have any plans of getting this hot gal on a permanent game show of her own? Let’s watch out! =)

Miss Venezuela Is The Hottest Miss Universe 2008!

Miss Venezuela Is The Hottest Miss Universe 2008!

The new Miss Universe is Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela. What can you say to this woman… the new darling of the crowd, the new sensation, the new Queen of Peace for the whole wide world! =)

Well as a side story, Miss USA, Crystle Stewart of Texas, tripped on the train of her gown as she made her entrance during the evening gown competition. It seems like a comeback… and a part two of a You Tube avalanche yet again… oops.

The final five contestants included four from Latin America: Miss Mexico, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Colombia and Miss Venezuela. The fifth finalist was Miss Russia.

We’re hoping that Miss Colombia will be crowned as Miss Universe, but she ended first runner up… not bad. =)

Aiza Seguerra Won The Million Twice In A Row!

What a good way to feel thankful together with her mom and fans winning a million back to back in two days in ‘The Singing Bee.’ The game was like a walk in a park for Aiza. You could feel her easiness, somewhat like confident but also worrying not too look braggy… and not even bratty!

She could actually sweep it up one more time this night but yesterday after the win, she requested to not come back again. She further explains that she did prayed for it that morning that if she won again… it’s for her and that would be her last. She wants other people to play and have the chance to win a million too. Cesar Montano actually was too excited for Aiza, but exclaimed also in awe how she is generous and how she protects herself from being greedy too.

Aiza wants to dedicate her win to her family, especially her brother who is in the hospital right now.

Yeah, it could be luck or simply just a way of being blessed for having such a tender heart!

Aiza Seguerra Is The 2nd Celebrity Millionaire For ‘The Singing Bee’!

It seems like there’s gonna be a millionaire each week now on this sizzling singing game show. The first millionaire is a non-celebrity actually but the stakes are definitely high for these celebrities cause singing is their job! Not to mention that after winning the million, you can still comeback the day after to defend your title and get the chance to get your second million!

If Rachel didn’t have a concert in Abu Dhabi, definitely she’ll sweep it up again! They’re good at what they do and it’s pleasing and entertaining to see them win these game shows.