Kapamilya Deal or No Deal: KC Concepcion Won 200k for a Cause

KC Concepcion had a great game with Kris Aquino’s game show, Kapamilya Deal or No Deal, shown just a while ago. The highest offer the banker gave her reached as high as P250,000. The game show really gets you excited, not to mention it is KC playing! 😀

As the game continues, you can see KC is quite unwavering though teary, having mixed emotions of wanting to win or losing it at the expense of charity. The winnings will actually go for the UN World Congress Foundation with our fellow kababayans in Mindanao, the primary beneficiary. It’s for a good cause and it got more dramatic in the end, down to two cases between P200,000 to win and the banker’s offer of around P130,000.

Fortunately, even Mr. Muwari of UN (not sure if I got his name right though) believes KC got the destined case, she chose to not take the banker’s offer. When opened, KC surprisingly won the P200,000! 😉

Niña Jose Is Annika In My Girl!

So it was Niña Jose, the ex-housemate in Pinoy Big Brother teen edition who plays Annika. If you’ll just look at her character in My Girl you’ll be irritated by her desperation… or much fitted term would be obsession to Julian. Though it’s a good ingredient in the story to have that kind of character.

Niña can have her own shots actually even outside My Girl… I guess. She’s pretty, smart, and definitely hot! Her ex-boyfriend wants to get her back. Not to mention the other guys who were obsessed with her in turn. Feature writer Napoleon Quintos back in ABS CBN also wrote Niña is also planning to get the Bb. Pilipinas 2009 title next year!

My Girl gave her a debut on television and that will be snowballing on the coming days, weeks and months. It’s just because people do have a good eye for this sexy, young and very promising actress! =)

Toni Gonzaga Hosts GAME KNB?!

Have you seen Toni Gonzaga hosts Pilipinas Game K N B? She’s stunning and really a head turner on her white tube-skirt dress… however they call it… =)

She substituted for Chairman Edu Manzano together with Brod Pit to do the opening introductions. Toni got real talent in hosting and a sure way of getting the game show’s momentum going.

Does ABS CBN have any plans of getting this hot gal on a permanent game show of her own? Let’s watch out! =)

What Would You Like To Expect From Marian Rivera On FHM?

Whoa! Marian will finally be a cover girl in a men’s magazine. After being voted to be the finest, sexiest girl, this time she can’t refuse the fans!

It’ll look sexy definitely but not too much exposure cause she has a wholesome image to protect. She’s still under contract or prohibitions regarding her endorsements too.

Her team-up with Ding Dong Dantes, reign as Marimar and now Dyesebel really paid off for her to deserve to be the sexiest… and of course, the hottest! =)