PDA2: Rafael ‘Iñaki’ Ting and Laarni Losala – 1st Probationary Scholars of Pinoy Dream Academy 2

18-year-old Rafael Ting, dubbed as the “Stage Performer,” is from Pasig City. His favorite singer is David Cook. He got 5 votes from his fellow scholars.

Laarni Losala is age 23 from Sultan Kudarat. Her favorite performer is Lea Salonga. She got 3 votes to put her on the last.

Beatriz “Bea” Muñoz, 18, is from Alabang. Bea is the girlfriend of another PDA scholar Miguel Mendoza. Her favorite singer is Lea Salonga. She got 8 votes that includes Chivas and Bunny’s votes to finally save her from being a probationary scholar.

To vote for your favorite dreamer using your mobile phone, text
PDA <name of dreamer>

Example: PDA INAKI    or    PDA LAARNI

to the following access numbers:
2331 for Globe, TM and Bayan Wireless Landline subscribers
231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers

AstroBoy (2009), directed by Colin Brady

AstroBoy (2009), directed by Colin Brady

“AstroBoy” – When a scientist’s young son dies, he secretly creates a powerful robot child to replace him, however the robot uses it’s incredible powers to become a world famous super-hero, and faces his biggest challenge when an alien race threatens Earth…

Colin Brady directs Astroboy under the studio, The Weinstein Co. This movie will be out 2009.

Just a few sidenote: Can you imagine if Makisig Morales would sing its theme song? What’s the song again? =) If Sam Concepcion can do the “Kung Fu Panda”, maybe Makisig Morales can do it for Astroboy. Or maybe do the Filipino version of this classic Japanese anime! Interesting, don’t you think?