Andrew E. Won A Million In Pinoy Bingo Night!

Andrew E. just won a million pesos and became the 6th Millionaire in Pinoy Bingo Night! It took him only 11 balls to win the 9 ball round where he finishes with an “even” choice and a drawn ball “O62.”

Andrew E. Won A Million In Pinoy Bingo Night!

He’s quite lucky with his kumare, Kris Aquino by his side now. He joined a lot of game shows before but this would be his first time to actually win one and win it to the max!

Actually, Kris Aquino set a pact with Andrew before they revealed the last ball number and that is to give all the 200 Bingoers a T-shirt from his clothing line, DonGalo if he wins the million. And yes, they definitely will get the shirts now. Andrew E. is with the Salbakuta on the show and they slammed their hit song “Stupid Luv” to climax their celebration.

And if you want to share with Andrew’s luck and win P100,000 cash, you can join the Pinoy Bingo Night Text Promo and key in the last ball mentioned above to 2366 (text BINGO O62 to 2366 until 11:59pm just for today). Alright guys, happy texting! 😉

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